What am I doing?

I have a natural gift  for perceiving and understanding  the language of  energy and vibrations of the human body and the non-physical vibrational beings.

Deeksha can translate the messages of non-physical world in a clear and simple way  working  as a channel between our physical world and Non- physical world.

"Through regular meditation practice, I can enter a state of synchronicity and harmony allowing  to flow messages that a person needs at this point in his life, and read your energy field at the time of the consultation.

Through this energy reading  many problems of   physical, emotional and spiritual nature can dissolve and give a space to empower  your natural talents and skills .

How do I work?

I use all three channels to receive messages: hear, see and perceive or feel physically in my own body.

When I come into contact with the spiritual  and vibrational world, I am exercising as a channel through which messages  and information flow, sometimes the information comes in form of intense emotions that I translate into a clear and simple language, so that the person can assimilate information in a practical manner.

Each person is free to do whatever he wants with the  transmitted information, it is his  o her free will to act or not accordingly. The message helps you better understand who you are, what  is the essence of oneself, who are the people around you, and to understand the situations you want to transform.

Why I work with the Spirit world?

Being in touch with Vibrational Universe and its many "habitants" allows me to spend hours in a state of love and synchronicity with humans and non-physical dimensions.

Without judging or prejudices, sharing the beauty and wisdom that allow to flow healing energy that  cures  body and soul, clear confusion and relieves pain.

I'm surprised and I am very grateful for this natural gift, but my experience confirms that all humans have access to clear communication with Non-physical, the only thing that most people are not aware of it, but with a little practice and initiation this skill can be  restored ,as   it belongs to us by nature.