A process of connecting to a frequency on Non Physical world and receiving information or inspiration from non-physical dimentions  of our existence, where the source is the Universe that is not visible to our physical  eyes  or senses.

Channeller   exercises  as a translator or channel , all information is  received and delivered  in the language he/ she  knows in direct and simple way;  in my case no need to bring  pictures, crystals  or other instruments.

This capacity belongs to us, all, men and women, and depends on the degree of sensitivity and personal development of each.

What can you expect from an individual session of Channeling?

In this session you can establish a contact  to communicate  with  loved ones who are no longer with us, entities, and even entire communities and also  High consciousness, Guides, of ancient times  or our ancestors.

As a channel between these two worlds, I can invite a specific entity requested by the client, to come to respond  and clarify specific questions of present concern with simplicity and respect.

Sometimes, there is another entity, that is unknown to the client  but provides the right
answer, and it is important to have patience and respect,  to such communication, as the main purpose of these conversations is to restore well-being and empower all aspects of our lives.

your first channeling session

If this is your first time, we will make a brief relaxation, calming down  nerves and expectations and it's not necessary to explain in detail the issues that we will work on, on the contrary, the best is to get comfortable, relaxed  and open up  your mind and heart. 

Sessions are always very different, and will often experience intense emotions and cherished meetings, with significant ones. I don't need you to bring photographs or objects or undress an open mind.

If I need some data I ask  you immediately, but usually it is  not necessary. There is an ethical code that non-physical beings are following and will never disclose or disclose data that has no use for client.

All information is passed to client directly, and if something is too muddled  to understand,  you can ask to explain again, but if you want to know when, and with whom you're getting married, or if you're going to win lottery, or expect some ritual or simply insist on listening to what you want to listen, I recommend you visit the appropriate specialist.

It is always advisable to record the session to listen it few times or in case of written session to read it again the day after.

I have a lot of experience to channel in writing way or via Skype, and the quality of information is not altered at all, allowing to receive a session without displacements.