Deeksha, a life in the search of meaning.

I was born in Latvia, a small country on the shores of the Baltic Sea and  at the age of 21 I began  to  travel around the world, until I landed in Barcelona, which captivates  me with its versatility and beauty.

Here I started to work in the world of image and fashion, and return to study the art of interpretation and taking dance classes.

By coincidence, a friend took me to a class of active meditation, which at first reluctant, but after her insistence I decide to accompany her.  
I tried Zen meditation before, some yoga, but didn't see the point of sitting immobile focusing on the breath, it  made me more nervous than relaxed.

But that meditation was different, there was a lot of movement and free dance accompanied by music with good rhythm, and later, totally exhausted, we sat down in silence.

That day changed the course of my life, I felt a deep desire to undertake a journey inward. In a few months I left everything to fully immerse myself  in the process of transformation and understanding of my life.

It is a lifelong journey, and I'm grateful to have the chance of learning from all of you,  teachers, clients, friends, assistants, to give me this opportunity to share my talent and see you blossom on the path of Life. 

Professional background :

Subtle Body Healing
With  Alvina  and Prasad Wanders, Leela Lovegarden, Arizona, Usa, authors of the book Alchemy of Transformation.

Craniosacral Balancing  therapist for adults and babies
Biodynamic school,  with Kavi Gemin and Bhadrena  Tchumi at International Institute of Craniosacral Balancing, Switzerland.

Childhood Deconditioning Process
Certified therapist  by  Svarup and Premartha, authors of the book Born Twice.

Full training in breathing techniques and emotional release by Aneesh Dillon
Usa, author of the book   Tantric Pulsation

Rev. Douglas James Cottrell and  his teachings  of DTM Deep Trance Meditation.

Zen therapy practitioner, formed with Suzanne Powell in Barcelona.

Reiki Master, Usui

NLP practitioner, Gestalt Institute, Barcelona

Body worker and reflexologist qualified by Ismet and Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

Currently I’m studying in Rome with Claudio Pini and Maria Barambara, well known experts in Vibrational techniques and mediumistic communication skills.