Workshops with Deeksha

Intensive courses and training.

The intensive course is a very deep process-for those who want to learn  the art of communication with other dimensions for  themselves and others.

It is composed of 3 parts, 3 weekends. To participate you must have taken 1 session with me of channeling or healing of subtle bodies.

Due to the intensity of the process the group is maximum 10 people and can be in Spanish or English with translation provided.

First course

Developing and enhancing your natural mediumistic skills.

Opening channels of communication and spiritual language recognition.

Individual Initiation.

At the end of the first part you will be able to communicate with spirits-vibration beings with full autonomy, using writing for yourself. 

Second course

In-depth personal work and deepening communication channel.

Work on past lives, karma issues.

Initiation to other communication techniques for self and others by voice. 

Third course

For all people who want to pursue an art of Channeling  for others. 

Group work tends to strengthen and open-up our natural talents, and heal old wounds quickly, and to enhance natural talents of each person.