Subtle body Healing

What is the Subtle body Healing ?

The Subtle Body Healing is a unique blend of energy healing and hands-on techniques for body, emotions and spirit.

The individual Subtle Body Healing session is done in consultation, where the first part is about  to check-in and energy reading of a physical or emotional problem and its consequences for the physical and energetic body of the client, the second part of the session includes  hands-on body work with no need to undress.

How it works healing subtle body session?

During the first part you briefly introduce the issue you want to address and after a synchronization between the two of us, I will make an energetic reading of the issue, using my ability to read energy field.

I will inform you,  about  everything I see, at the time,  giving  a special attention where and how, it is located in the physical body.

Energy readings have great power of transformation and relaxation, are often surprising or somewhat  feels familiar and are great transforming itself.

In the second part of the session the client lies down dressed, this is where I start to use various techniques, depending on the problem and its origin; while communicating with the client and check the process, but if  there is silence, it is important to respect it, then there will be time to share the experience.

It is important to say that in matters of healing energy cannot be transmitted or create worsening nor expect instant miracles, even though I have seen several,  it will be better if we stay in a receptive and relaxed attitude, avoiding to analyze all the time, because you might lose connection with your body.

As the healing energy is channeled from the Heart, which is our power center to generate love, it is impossible to hurt or do wrong,  but sometimes  where is a feeling of tiredness or vulnerability and it is important to respect and give space to it, is a good sign that on the  subtle level there is a process that is working and is good to follow up with some simple steps I will provide at the end of healing.